Yoga Sequence for the Holidays, 25-50 minutes

When practicing Yin yoga, we follow these principles:

  1. Come into a pose to your appropriate edge.
  2. Become still. Try to release into the pose and remain still without shifting. Allow the mind to become still without thoughts.
  3. Hold the pose, breathing normally, aiming for three to five minutes.
  4. Release with care.
  1. Supported Reclining Easy Pose: 5-10 minutes

Sit with legs crossed, then lie back on bolster or folded blanket,  supporting the length of the spine. For maximum relaxation, cover eyes with an eye pillow

This pose relieves tension between shoulder blades and helps relieve lung congestion by reducing the urge to cough.

  1. Supported Child’s Pose: 5 minutes

Sitting in preparation for child’s pose (toes together, knees apart), place a bolster between your legs, then fold the upper body down over the bolster.

  1. Supported-Fish-Supported Fish: 5 minutes

Sit with legs forward.  Place the bolster width-wise at chest level, then lie back onto the bolster.  Place a folded blanket under your head, if desired. Legs may be extended or bent.This pose opens the throat, heart, and belly.  It counteracts slumping, improves digestion, and reduces fatigue.

  1. Legs up Wall: 5-10minutes

Sit next to the wall with your right hip touching the wall.  Lie down as you lift your legs.  Scoot forward to the wall, if you are not touching it.  Allow the wall to support your legs as you relax the rest of your body.  If desired, you may add a folded blanket under the hips.

  1. Savasana (Corpse): 5- 10 minutes

Repeat as necessary to become calm and relaxed.