Learn Good Posture Through Yoga

Women practicing yoga in a classWe preach good posture in yoga during every class.  Lengthen through your spine, align your head over your heart and heart over your hips, pull the shoulder blades down your back.  We lengthen the spine, we twist the spine, we create space between the vertebrae.  Sit up straight, tilting your pelvis forward slightly to keep your back straight.  Do these sound familiar?  Why do we focus so much on good posture?

For several reasons:  for most of us, our lifestyles promote poor posture.  We are either sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer, or stuck behind a steering wheel for hours at a time.  With these bad habits and our naturally aging bodies, we tend to stoop more and more.

So, sit up straight and listen up.

Good posture will help us feel better- less back and neck pain, fewer headaches.

We look better (and don’t we all want that?).

Feel better, look better, less pain- let’s do it.

Here are a few ways to align yourself at the beginning of each day or throughout.

  1. Stand against a wall. Heels at the wall, butt at the wall, shoulder blades touching the wall, back of head at the wall.  Keeping yourself straight, relax your shoulders.  Consciously think about your alignment – heart over hips, head over heart.  Take a few deep breaths here.  Then step away from the wall, but be mindful of this alignment.
  2. Sitting in a chair, move towards the front of the chair. Lift the top of your head towards the ceiling, noticing the alignment again of heart over hips, head over heart.  Relax the shoulders and lean forward a little, leaning from the hips and leading with the heart.  Take a few deep breaths and repeat this throughout the day.
  3. When you have a chance to sit on the floor, sit cross-legged, if possible. Again, align your head, heart, and hips.  Relax your shoulders down your back.  Tilt forward slightly at the hips.  Breathe deeply.

Practice good posture and be rewarded with youth and comfort.